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The best place for golf

I have been wanting to play some golf in France for quite a while now. I've heard that it's the best place to play golf in and I've seen images of the courses and the environment there and I really think that it's true! So I've been thinking of going there next year to play some golf. I don't want to travel alone so I think I'm going to talk with some friends of mine that loves golf as well. It's going to be a great experience I think!

Ready for the summer again.

These days with this incredible weather makes me more energetic than I have ever been. I want to do everything and right away. While I am working I am also cleaning the wooden terrace at the entrance of our house. If I have to wait five minutes to let the soap do its work I go back to my office at home and I do some work. After the five minutes are gone; I go back to the terrace to finish the cleaning. I am lucky that I have no pain in my knee joint so I can do all ...